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Lazer Pro Series Finesse/Ned Kit

The Pro’s at Eagle Claw curated a tackle box filling kit that gives anglers of any skill level the tools they need to start catching bass with Ned-style finesse jigs.

What's Inside

Total Pieces
Finesse Jigs
3” Yum Dingers

Available at:

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Rigging a Yum Dinger onto the Lazer Sharp Finesse Jigs is a super simple process:

  1. Line your Yum Dinger alongside your Lazer Sharp Finesse Jig, as shown in the video. With the Yum Dinger laying next to your Finesse Jig, you'll get a good idea of where your hook point needs to come out to keep your Yum Dinger straight on your Finesse Jig.

  2. Find the Center of the fat end of your Yum Dinger and begin to thread it onto the Finesse Jig. Thread your Yum Dinger around the Pro-V Bend onto the shank and then up past the plastic keeper. Push the Yum Dinger up against the bottom of the Finesse Jig's head. 

  3. Inspect your Yum Dinger making sure it's straight onto your Finesse Jig, and make any subtle adjustments. It doesn't have to be perfect; as long as it's reasonably straight on the hook shank, you're ready to catch fish!

Ethan Boat 1


Ethan from the Country Store says: Use the Finesse Jig with the weed guard when you're fishing around vegetation or near thick cover to keep from hanging up.

Eric Square Bass-image (1)


Eric from Marketing says: There's almost no wrong way to fish this rig! Don't be afraid to vary your retrieve until you find what fish are keying in on.



One of the frustrating parts of growing as an angler is the guesswork involved when gathering the components to try a new presentation. Understanding these frustrations from our own experiences, the product team at Eagle Claw put together kits removing all guesswork. Whenever you open a Lazer Sharp Pro Series kit, have complete confidence that you'll be using the proper components to start catching fish with a new presentation.

Engineered to maximize each cast, Lazer Sharp Finesse Jigs will elevate your finesse game to a new level. It all starts with a Premium American Made Fish Hook featuring the Lazer Sharp needlepoint hook point. The ultra-sharpness of the business end of this hook penetrates with ease on hooksets, immediately boosting bite/hookup ratios regardless of skill level. The Jighead design facilitates the stand-up action that's so crucial to the success of Ned-rig style finesse fishing. The Pro-V bend featured on the Lazer Sharp Finesse Jig gives the hook more strength than a traditional bend. This added strength allows anglers to fish a lighter gauge wire even when targeting giant bass. The plastic molded keeper cements baits into place, helping anglers focus more on fishing and less on adjusting or changing baits. The plastic molded keeper also allows anglers to catch more fish per bait.

Paired with the Lazer Sharp Finesse Jigs, 3" Yum Dingers provide a very subtle life-like action that can trigger bites when the conditions are difficult. The two colors provided in this kit (Green Pumpkin, Carolina Pumpkin/Chartreuse) give anglers flexibility to catch fish in varying conditions. Yum Dingers are known for their effectiveness, durability, and affordability.


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